The DeKalb County Entrepreneurial Center will be a hub for education and resources for those who want to grow and succeed in business.  It will provide a physical location for a start-up business, civic organization, student, or individual to initiate or incubate a business or an idea. It will include a state-of-the-art conference room, retail space for start-up businesses to rent, reception space, professional offices, and a restaurant training area.

The center will begin planting seeds in our schools with programs for K-12 students. College students or individuals will be able to use the center for resources in starting their own business. We will pull resources from all over the county and work with SBA programs to help local entrepreneurs. We will also have re-entry programs to help those going back into the workforce after being out for a while.


Vicky Kirby


Dr. Stephen Brewer

Vice President

Mary Reed


Jim Farmer

Executive Board Member

Join us in supporting entrepreneurs in our community.